Powerful Drums Special Event at Andy Owings Music Center

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Powerful Drums Special Event at Andy Owings Music Center


Samuel Yeboah, the maker of Powerful Drums from Ghana, will be at Andy Owings Music Center store this weekend:

Saturday, February 13th between 11 AM to 4 PM


He will be demonstrating his African Djembe’s and will be speaking on the woods, heads and tone of the different drums. Samuel will have Francis, a young boy who is one of his best performers in Ghana, who is blind and has been receiving treatment in the US to try to help him see. Francis will be assisting Samuel with his performances, along with one of his apprentice who will be showing how he ropes and tunes the goat skin heads.

During these hours, Samuel will be offering his creations for 40% discount, so if anyone you know is interested, or are interested in African Drums and drumming, it would be a treat for them to meet Samuel, get his autograph and/or picture taken with him.

It’s a must see event for All Music Lovers of any instrument.
Hope to see you all there!


Andy Owings and Samuel of Powerful Drums