Play by Christmas on Yamaha CVP Clavinova Digital Piano

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Play by Christmas on Yamaha CVP Clavinova Digital Piano from Andy Owings Music Center


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Get the Play by Christmas song book and downloads FREE


This holiday season, give yourself and your family a Gift of Music by playing Christmas songs on your new Yamaha CVP Clavinova digital piano this Christmas!

Everyone can start learning to play piano at home or at Andy Owings School of Music with the perfect lesson series made exclusively for Clavinova CVP digital pianos. Yamaha QuickPlay utilizes guide lamps above the keys to show you which notes to play while a virtual orchestra follows at YOUR speed –  getting faster as you improve. Only Clavinova CVP models have the ability to wait for you to play the correct note.

When you purchase a Yamaha Clavinova CVP600 or CVP700 series digital piano from Andy Owings Music Center, you’ll receive the Yamaha QuickPlay play by Christmas book and song downloads from Yamaha, a $25 value, absolutely FREE.

Hurry, offer ends December 24, 2015. Visit Andy Owings Music Center and purchase your Yamaha CVP Clavinova Digital Piano today!