Beginning Group Music Classes

Andy Owings School of Music offers music classes for beginners. Our music classes are fun, affordable, and best of all proven successful.


Why Learn Music in a Group at Andy Owings School of Music?
– Most recorded and live music is performed in groups, such as bands, orchestras, and choirs.
– Students like being in a group, where they make new friends and learn from each other.
– Learning together strengthens individual rhythm skills and listening habits.
– Students try harder in a group, where there’s subtle peer pressure.
– Playing in a group is musically satisfying and build self-confidence.
– Students who wish to share their music with the rest of the class will have the opportunity to perform solos, developing their individuality, personal goals and skills.

New music classes are now forming at Andy Owings School of Music. So, start your music lessons with us and enroll today!


  • QuickPlay Introduction to the Piano Class for Adult Beginners, Spring 2016 semester.
    $200 for the semester, February to May 2016, includes weekly lessons, registration, and songbooks.
  • Yamaha Fun Piano Class for Continuing Adult Students ~ Intermediate Level and Up.
    $250 for the semester, January to May 2016. Held on Wednesdays at 12:30 PM! Fun & Informative!
  • Duet Piano Lessons for Young Beginners ~ 2 students, ages 7 – 10, take piano lessons at the same time.
    1-Year Program. $900 each student for one year, or $95 each student per month.


Band & Ensemble Music Programs

For continuing and more advanced students, Andy Owings School of Music offers several Band & Ensemble programs that everyone in the family can participate. They are fun and affordable compared to band & ensemble programs at other music schools. Come and Join the Fun!


  • Coastal Grand Symphony Strings Ensemble ~ All Ages (Audition in February 2016)
  • Coastal Grand Symphony Piano Duet & Ensemble ~ All Ages (Audition in February 2016)
  • Andy Owings Garage Band for Kids & Teens (Audition in February 2016)
  • Andy Owings Music Jam Sessions for Adults

Spring 2016 season runs from March through May 2016. Rates are $200 each for each participant, received before March 2016. You don’t have to be a student at Andy Owings School of Music to participate. Some ensembles do require you taking music lessons from private music teachers. Please visit Andy Owings School of Music for details on auditions and registration.


For details and registration, please visit Andy Owings School of Music location at Coastal Grand Mall at Andy Owings Music Center, by Belk, or call us at (843) 839-1505 Today!

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