We are proud to be the home of Coastal Grand Symphony Band & Ensemble Programs, the only band and ensemble programs in the area that are open for All Ages and Most Types of Musical Instruments, where everyone in the family can join the fun of playing music together. Coastal Grand Symphony members consist of music students, parents, and amateur musicians of all ages who like to share the fun of music playing with others.

Our Band & Ensemble Programs include:

- Coastal Grand Symphony Chamber Ensemble
- Coastal Grand Symphony Piano Ensemble
- Coastal Grand Symphony Angklung Choir Family (No Experience Required)

Our Coastal Grand Symphony Band & Ensemble Programs only costs $80/season for all of the programs (That’s Less Than $5 per Hour), making them affordable for everyone in the family to join the fun of playing music together!


Coastal Grand Symphony members posed for the camera after their 2012 Spring Concert


Wanna have your family join the fun? Get ready for auditions for the new and exciting season.

JUST ANNOUNCED: Spring 2014 Season Coastal Grand Symphony Open Auditions

Audition Schedule:

  • Saturday, February 1, from 2:00 PM:
    All Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, All Strings, All Brass, and All Wind Instruments
  • Saturday, February 8, from 2:00 PM:
    All Late Comers, for All Instruments

Auditions will be held at Andy Owings School of Music & Performing Arts Center Concert Hall at Coastal Grand Mall. Auditions open to all second-year and above music students, parents, and amateur musicians of All Ages who pass the auditions. Musicians auditioning must make an appointment to schedule their audition time. Different audition times outside of the scheduled time may be scheduled at music director’s discretion.

For details and registration, please visit Andy Owings School of Music & Performing Arts Center at Coastal Grand Mall (right across from Books-A-Million) or call us at (843) 839-1505 today!

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