The Music for Little Mozarts Piano Course was specifically designed for the preschool and kindergarten age group (four-, five- and six-year-olds). This curriculum provides a balance between the discipline necessary for playing the piano and the enjoyment one receives from the process of music making. This proven piano course is fun and proven successful, and best of all it’s affordable! Space is very limited, so enroll your children in this fun music class today!


Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse with the Music for Little Mozarts Piano Course

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Music Study for Very Young Beginners

Why should my child study music at a young age?
Recent studies suggest that playing and listening to music at a young age improves learning, memory, reasoning ability, and general creativity. Research also supports the theory that young children who are exposed to music develop enhanced cognitive skills. Music teachers are aware that influences of music go far beyond the intellectual and physical development of the child. Studying music contributes to the growth of a well-balanced child in sensitivity, expressiveness, and the spirit essential for functioning in a complicated world.

What will my child learn in the course?
Music for Little Mozarts combines general musicianship activities with those that develop performance skills at the piano. Skills taught in the course focus on keyboard performance, listening, pitch matching, keyboard technique, singing, rhythm, movement, and music appreciation. Children will play pieces at the piano throughout each level.

What is my role as a parent in music study?
Parents play a very important role in music lessons for young children. Lessons are a total partnership between the child and the parents. Some teachers encourage parents to attend lessons. Parents are required to attend lessons and share in the learning process at home. Parents must supervise practice and read directions to the student. In addition to practice sessions at the piano, parents should discuss the pictures in the books with the child, read the story in the Music Lesson Book to him/her, and listen to the compact discs together as a family.

Should my child study privately or in a group?
Historically, pre-school music instruction has been conducted in groups, often with parents attending and assisting students in the lessons. This approach is very effective as young students enjoy the interaction with their peers. Parents also enjoy the opportunity to share these experiences with their children.

How many levels are contained in Music for Little Mozarts? What materials are included in each level?
Music for Little Mozarts is approximately a two-year program. The time required for completion of each of the four levels will vary from student to student and from class to class. Three books at each level guide children through a comprehensive approach to musical learning. The Music Lesson Books introduce musical concepts and contain keyboard performance music. The Music Workbooks include coloring and ear training activities to reinforce musical concepts. The Music Discovery Books feature singing, listening, music appreciation, movement and rhythm activities. Other materials at each level include Recital Songbooks, compact disc recordings, interactive Music Tutoring disks, magnetic note/dry erase board, and stuffed animals-Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse.

How often and how long should my child practice?
After each lesson, your child will get an assignment for the week. Children should practice daily for 10-15 minutes at a specific time with no interference from other family members, the television, or the computer. It is wise to practice as early in the day as possible, keep a record of practice time, and establish a reward system for effective practice. Two brief practice times are preferable to one longer session. The parent should sit near the child during the practice time, so that the child doesn’t feel isolated.

What type of instrument do I need before my child can begin piano lessons?
Statistics overwhelmingly support the fact that students’ motivation is much higher and progress is faster when they practice on an adequate instrument; therefore, our program requires that students must have a digital or acoustic piano with 88 keys and a hammer action for home practice. For digital piano, we recommend a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano as the ideal instrument to learn to play the piano on. Some models even allow you to play MIDI files from the Music for Little Mozarts Piano Course. Acoustic piano should be tuned before your first lesson and at least once every six months thereafter. Your piano should be placed in a well-lit, central part of your home. You could find these quality digital and acoustic pianos only at Andy Owings Music Center at Coastal Grand Mall (by Belk).

When can we begin?
Classes typically start in September (Fall Semester) and January/February (Spring Semester). For more information and registration, please visit Andy Owings School of Music & Performing Arts Center at Coastal Grand Mall (right across from Books-A-Million) or call us at (843) 839-1505 today!



Age Group: Pre-School & Kindergarten Children, 4 – 6 years olds (for older kids, please Click Here)
* Parents participation is required for the first two levels

Cost: $250/semester in 3 Installments or $210 with Early Full Payment ($40 OFF), plus materials
Total Number of Sessions: up to 20 sessions (16 Classes PLUS up to 4 Special Events for the whole family)
Schedule is based on Horry County Schools Calendar


Music for Little Mozarts Level 1 (Beginners) – NEW!!!
Time: Mondays, 3:30 PM
Spring 2014 Starting Date: January 27, 2014

Music for Little Mozarts Level 2 (Primer Level) – 2 SEATS LEFT!
Time: Fridays, 4:00 PM
Spring 2014 Starting Date: January 31, 2014


Space is limited to only 6 students per class, so Enroll Today!

For details and registration, please visit Andy Owings School of Music & Performing Arts Center at Coastal Grand Mall (right across from Books-A-Million) or call us at (843) 839-1505 today!


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